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Spencer J.

"I thought the course and the Instructors were absolutely awewsome. Deb and Darryl are

fantastic Instructors and made the course very informative and also very fun"

Larry S.

Great class, great Instructors!"

Leonard L.

"Great Instructors"


"The caliber of understanding and ability to explain concepts was amazing"

Elizabeth P.

"Great people & would recommend"

Mary S.

"Instructors were very helpful, flexible, & knowledgeable"

Cindy H. 

"Great class! Safety first, then fun emphasized"


"Well run and worth the time. I am ready to be a safer rider and protect myself and other drivers"


Great class recommend to anyone. learned alot & enjoyed myself

Jonathon C.

"They made the class enjoyable and very informative"

Jeff S.

"Much better program than expected

Ray P.

"Love the class"

George T.

"Darryl & Deb both amazing teachers and really safety oriented"

Tina S.  

"Deb & Darrel are both very friendly safe and cautious, they help with everything, very knowledgable and super great course"

Clayton P. 

"Very personable and encouraging to every skill level rider"

William P. 

"Awesome low stress environment. Deb and Darryl are knowledgeable in how to correct riding habits, while keeping the atmosphere light and fun"

Marcus M.

"I felt like they were family and they treated us great"

Matthew F.

"Both Instructors (Deb & Darryl) have been exceptional and taken steps beyond what I expected during the course. Will/Would strongly recommend to others and attend again"

Jenna O.

"I learned so much! Thank you for being so patient with me"

Steven J. 

"They both (Darryl & Deb) are amazing. They make it simple to understand. I learned very well by them doing what they do so well"

Jason S.  

"I have bad anxiety and this course made me feel confident. Didn't get anxious when it got going"

Joshua B.

"The Instructors (Deb & Darryl) were comfortable yet firm. I never felt ignorant or unimportant. Answered all questions with clear and consise explanations"

Lindsey J.

"I had a wonderful experience with the Instructors (Deb & Darryl), will definitely recommend them to anyone interested in riding"

Carl J. 

"Very informative, educational, and professionally handled"

Duane S.

"Very professional coverage & presentation of course material"

Mike S. 

"Very happy with the Instructors, they was very helpful"

Lair M.

"I would definitely recommend this course. It was great. Instructors were very professional and helpful"

Amanda D. 

"As a novice coming in knowing little y'all gave me the confidence and knowlege to finish. I couldn't be happier"

Jordan A. 

"I loved the class and the Instructors were fantastic. Both were great at teaching and having patience. They really helped"

“It was better than hoped, learned a lot and would send anyone here. It was fantastic”

“The Instructors were amazing, and they gave excellent advice where I was struggling”

Rex F.

“I learned more than I expected”

Joseph G.

“Very Professional and Informational. Will recommend to others.”

Jeremy B.

“Awesome Environment, make you feel comfortable, awesome stuff, good folks”

Christina B.

“Both Instructors explained everything on a level I could grasp faster”

Matthew T.

“Rider Coaches are knowledgeable & helpful. Great teachers & Individuals. I would have them as my ride coaches again”

Cody W.

"I would recommend anyone to take this class! It will make you more comfortable on a bike and have more knowledge how to handle the bike! Great instructors or put the time in and have passion about being safe and riding."

Stephen H.

"I thought that Deb, Darryl and Boone were great instructors and Rider / Coaches. I also loved being in class with young people...Katie, Landon and Micayah...ride safe!"

Neil J.

"Some of the best rider coaches in the business!"

James W.

"Took this course on the 10 of June! Wanted to tell people just how great these rider coaches are. I had not been on a motorcycle in over 10 years when I signed up for the experienced rider course. Deb is a great instructor and made me feel very comfortable during the course! A lot of great tips and riding exercises that tied everything all together! If you or anyone that you know is thinking of riding again or have never rode and want to learn then this is definitely the place to learn! Once again A Huge Thanks to Mid South for getting me back on a motorcycle!"

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